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At The Home Decor, our philosophy is that every customer is an investment, and we have built our reputation on that simple principle. Focusing on the needs of the consumers, we strive to deliver to you based upon both value and relationship. 
A distinctive web design which will make online shopping a pleasurable experience is our priority, that's why we have developed a site to meet everybody's needs in either essence and versatility.

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With our debut on the web we are pleased to deliver to you, the consumer, top quality products made by the most renowned manufacturers, from within the extensive line and impressive array of Home DecorationsDecorative Hardware and Essentials, and more. At The Home Decor we can save you time and money by eliminating the hassle of surfing around the web and even of visiting local retailers for value, price, and ‘savings’.

The Home Decor is dedicated to provide to consumers state of the art quality decorative supplies. The Home Decor is where we consider your budget offering incredible prices, thus you can design your home as per your essence and taste to the maximum. Leaving no room to speculate prior to a order regarding a financial manner.


Over a decade and a half ago Sol Schwartz opened his store in northern Brooklyn, Best Wholesale Dist. selling architectural hardware in the locksmith industry. He extended his business to a huge warehouse with a multiple personnel, implanting a good source for a growing financial future. To date, the business has grown to a margin of millions of dollars yearly, operating with confidence to fulfill the simple business guidelines.

In 2004 his two son in-laws David Lerner and Joe Ruttner became involved in the business. With young vigor accompanied by mature advice and experience they broaden it into a complete different brook while opening a store, also in Brooklyn, Home Decor of USA selling today's fashions from traditional to contemporary, as the phrase highlights beneath the company logo creating that interior designers flair


A special undertaking of establishing connections with the top manufacturers of the market has been processed throughout the first year, for which some he was using a well ranked background of 30 years in the wholesale business, while with others he attempted and successful built a connection for greater faith. Reaching such an extent to become the only reseller in that area for some manufacturers.


The decision of building a unique website came across when David's brother Joel who has been working for a custom closet and kitchen company, and with respective knowledge in his field he shared with him the idea. Though it's a big overwhelming project, David said, but with stipulatory act we may succeed. This way the business have reached a higher level considering the term ‘Family owned business’.

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