10 eVery 20™


Revised Monday, June 01, 2009

Offer expired 12/31/2012



10 eVery 20™

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At The Home Decor we are proud to announce our new and exciting program that lets you save 10% of your first order value towards your next order, regardless of quantity or amount!

How it works. This program works as a randomly based composer that selects every twentieth order received in our system. Starting from the initiative set of a ‘One Hundred Order Cycle’ that will pick every even number of 00, 20, 40, 60, 80 within that cycle, following with the same pattern but with the next numeric value at the upcoming ‘One Hundred Order Cycle’, which means 01, 21, 41, 61, 81 and so on. All numeric values apply only to the last two digits in your order number.

The winning order numbers are solely based upon the entire ordering system and one cannot speed up or accelerate his chance to take advantage of this program by placing 20 separate orders. To simplify, you just need to checkout with your items through our secure server and if you order number qualifies then you've got it, you are a winner!  

Once you are the lucky consumer of that winning 20th order number, we will receive a special notification through our program that indicates there were placed a qualifying order for the 10 eVery 20 promotion, and another email will be sent to the customer with this spectacular savings amount in it, and how to redeem it when you place your next order.

Your 10% off.   Upon placing your new order you will need to enter the unique Gift Certificate Code at checkout to redeem your 10% of the value of your first order. Please keep the original email for your records as we will not be able to locate Gift Certificate Codes issued through the 10 eVery 20 program.

The promotion value will be deducted automatically in your shopping cart once you have entered the code. There is no need to contact us to obtain or apply the 10% value to your order.

Limitations. To qualify for this special offer you must do the following: 

  1. Sign up to receive our periodically email newsletters containing great offers like specials, new arrivals, hot deals etc., a decision that can definitely help you save on your home decor needs. Just enter your email at the bottom left pane and hit “go”.
  2. Past two weeks from your order date we must receive a brief review detailing in regards to our service, selection, and how you experience your shopping habit with us. Click here to copy and paste the form into your email.

How do you know if your order number qualifies? We have put together a Order Number Schedule, please click here to verify.



*This 10 eVery 20™ program cannot be combined with any other offer not posted on our website. Limit one per customer. Void after 30 days from order date if not received email sign-up and review. Shipping charges are excluded from this offer, certain manufacturers may be excluded from this offer. You cannot deduct this amount from your first order, it will be only valid towards your next order. In the event we detect any incident of fraudulent activity we may restrict all parties from receiving this promotion and they are held liable for all correction procedures.

Any goods returned or exchanged purchased in association with this offer may void the entire order from receiving this promotion, unless authorized return due to wrong or damaged items. First random of ‘One Hundred Order Cycle’ will start on or around May 30 2009. We reserve the right to change this promotion value, its content, terms and conditions, restrictions, or to end this offer without notice.