How to use the Valenbox Drawer System


Learn About the Valen Drawer Organization System.

Valen  the complete modular drawer organization solution.

Valenbox Drawer Organizer Trays and Accessories offered by Valen, is a unique, simple and attractive solution to organize your kitchen drawer for all standard kitchen needs. Here are some of the features of the Valenbox systems:

  • A complete built-in all-wood solution for any drawer width.



  • Its simple but modular! Add many standard width trays together and seal any open gaps with the included side trims!
  • Solution for upper and lower (deep) drawers, by offering a post base that accepts special post made of solid beech to store pots at your desired spot!
  • Optional useful accessories designed specifically to fit inside the standard trays.
  • Accessories include: Knife holder, cutting board, foil holder, jar holder, security box and more!
  • Genuine Italian design expressly engineered to fit the standard width of the American market.

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How to use the Valenbox Drawer Organizers

We include some images of examples of kitchen drawers that will show how to use the boxes and organizers properly, to utilize every inch of space.

  1. Measure the inside dimensions of your drawer; Width (left to right), Depth (front to back), and Height to determine if this system will fit.  All Valenbox tray dimensions are: 19-5/8" depth, and 2-3/8" height, designed to fit most standard 21" depth kitchen drawers.
  2. Configure your desired combination of Valenbox trays that will fit your specifications.  For example, if your drawer is 29-1/2" wide (33" cabinet), then you may choose to combine 8AC13-321 and 8AC13-076 and 8AC13-254. View figure 1. All together will come to 28-5/8", use the included 1" trim to add up the extra 7/8" by snapping it into the groove on the tray. (Consider the groove itself that takes up 3/16"). 
  3. Choose your desired Valenbox accessory that will best suit you, by adding one of them into the accessory tray.

For your convenience, each Valen tray is packed with pre-sized trims of: 2 pc. of 1/2", 2 pc. of 1", and 1 pc of 1-1/2".  Trims are easily snapped into the side grooves of the tray to fill any gaps.


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