How to Order Custom Jewelry Trays


Last updated: Dec/14/2010

How to Order Custom Jewelry Trays

Standard Jewelry Tray with 8 Compartments

Deluxe Jewelry Tray 22" by October

Standard Jewelry Tray with 7 Compartments Standard Acrylic Jewelry Tray by October

Velvet Lingerie Tray 22" by October

Jewelry Trays in either velvet lined or acrylic based are available in custom sizes to meet your project. 

We have pre designed 10 layouts of velvet trays each with different configurations to help you make your selection.

Standard height for all velvet trays is 2", and for acrylic trays 1 3/8". This is the common height most people find practically and useful for its general purpose.

Key Info

Standard Height: 2 inches only

Width & Depth
Custom; refer to the Layout Page

Layout Page

Standard Colors
Black, Blue, Maroon, Teal Green.

Non-Standard Colors:
Red, Brown, Green, Gold, Gray.

Velvet Colors

Here is a step by step guide you will need to follow when ordering custom inserts:

  1. Measure your drawer
    Have your EXACT inside drawer dimensions ready. Width (right to left), depth (front to back) and height.  We will deduct approx. 3/16" to allow a smooth fit inside your drawer.
  2. Choose your layout
    Review the
    layout page , and check which layout# will fit your size in both, width and depth*. Custom layouts available at minimum quantities only.
  3. Get pricing
    View the rough
    pricing sheet , based on quantity, size and layout#. 
  4. Submit order form
    When you are ready, print this
    custom order form and fill in your personal information, including: quantity, size [W x D x H], layout# and color. Then email or fax it to 212-918-9268 Attn: Joel.
  5. Verify submission
    Please call or send an
    email to confirm receipt of your faxed order.
  6. Obtain our acknowledgement
    You will be contacted by phone or email with accurate pricing and shipping charges, only upon your discretion we will go ahead and process your order. On order date we will charge 50%, and remaining balance will be charged at ship date.
  7. Processing time - 2 weeks
    Please allow 2 weeks for your order to process, we will notify you as soon as it ships.


Note: Step 1 refers to Jewel Trays as a "drawer insert" since this is the primary reason why you would need a custom size. However, if you do not need it as a drawer insert please mark on order form "do not deduct".

We suggest double checking your dimensions and specifications, as custom orders cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged.

The following velvet colors are available for Custom Jewelry Trays: Black, Blue, Maroon, Teal Green. Other colors on swatch available in minimum quantities only and with extended lead-time, please inquire about it.

*If your specifications exceed the given dimensions in the layout page, there will be an additional $10-$15.00 charge imposed.

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