How To Determine Door Handing


How To Determine Door Handing When Ordering Locks and Levers.

Upon ordering leversets or locksets you may be asked whether it's a right hand or left hand door.  What is it exactly? And how do you determine the door handing?

We split this information into two parts, since there is a difference between interior or exterior doors.

Interior Doors 

Enter your house or office, walk through the hallway room by room and carefully observe the doors, you will notice that some doors will swing rightwards (hinge on your right hand side) and some will swing leftwards (hinge on your left hand side).

Now, the key to understand interior door handing correctly is only when the door swings inwards, away from your body (where you see the PUSH sign). In most such instances you will find yourself standing outside the room. See image.

But if the door swings towards you (PULL sign), simply jump to the other side of the door, or imagine yourself pushing the door, and refer to the image guide to avoid confusion.


Exterior Doors

The only difference that may affect you is when you will be using a mortise entry lock on your exterior door. But if you will be using a tubular lockset (deadbolt on escutcheon, non-mortise) then its pretty much the same as described above as to interior doors.  And here is why a mortise lock needs further clarification.

A mortise lock is built of a piece of mechanism that must be configured in accordance to the specific entrance used to function properly. Also, the interior and exterior trims for the Mortise lock must be assembled accordingly. Thereby originating another term in determining exterior door handing, that is RHR (Right Hand Reverse) or LHR (Left Hand Reverse).

Now, stand outside the street or public hallway and attempt to enter your house, if the door swings away from your body by PUSHING the door, its the same as the image above, hinge on right is Right Hand, and hinge on left is Left Hand, Simple?

If, the entrance door swings towards you by PULLING the door, then hinge on right will be Right Hand Reverse and hinge on left will be Left Hand Reverse

In short, RHR is basically same as a LH door, you ONLY specify RHR when ordering a mortise lock. For all other applications its a LH door.  And so to LHR that equals RH door.

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Note, some manufacturers have designed a mortise lock that can be adjusted according to the door handing, and no RHR or LHR specification needed. Check out the Inox NY Mortise Handleset Entry, also view it's specification sheet to understand it thoroughly.


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