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For more than a decade of serving the commercial area with architectural hardware and design in the locksmith industry, we presume that we have got the knowledge and experience to handle it in a professional manner to the ultimate satisfactory of our proud costumers.

As we currently doing in the architectural line, we continue so at The Home Decor within the decorative line. While we endeavor to provide high volume rated top value for a budget-wise price, directly from our vast manufacturer network , to those who accomplish large projects, such as contractors, builders, developers, and designers. We make no hassle to deal with any party involved, let it be owners or managers - as long as a contact is needed to bring the project to reality until the end.

You have nothing to lose on your part and everything to gain when submitting a quote to our knowledgeable Wholesale Rep David Lerner. As with any other inquiry please leave a contact name and number along with some project info, and let him get back to you sooner than you think.

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